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Jung and Astrology

Jung And Astrology

Aquarian/Thorsons (1992) ppbk, 256 pages

a modern classic

Extract: Jung Sings, Chapter 4

The depth psychology of Carl Jung has been a formative influence in the growth of 20th century astrology. There are few modern astrology books which do not somewhere rely on, quote or misquote a concept that comes directly from Jung. Guided by the symbols in Jung's own horoscope, Jung and Astrology describes Jung's awakening to the power of astrological symbolism.

But Jung struggled with unresolved dilemmas about the conceptual foundation of astrology. His model of the psyche has been simplistically adopted by modern 'psychological astrology', yet important questions that he raised about the symbolic attitude have been ignored. Using many lively examples, the concepts of 'synchronicity' and the 'secret mutual connivance' are for the first time analysed and demonstrated with respect to their radical implications for the whole practice of astrology.

Astrology and the occult were more fundamental to Jung's work than is commonly realised. This controversial book answers a need to reassess both astrology's contribution to Jungian psychology and Jung's impact on the modern practice of astrology.


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Children's Book a perfect gift on starsigns and planets for a perfect little Hermione

Your Star Sign And You

Your Star Sign And You

Maggie Hyde & Pat Blackett

Bloomsbury Children's Book ppbk, 95 pages.

Make the best of yourself! See how to get on with other starsigns, like your mum or your best friend. Find out about boys, love, clothes and jewellery. Discover what you're good at and what job will make you happy.

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