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There are courses and local groups throughout
the country, from beginner to advanced level.


The Company of Astrologers

Scorpio, born 14 November 1983, 9.29pm BST, London.

The home of astrology as divination, the Company teaches a modern craft-based discipline of traditional astrology that acknowledges insights from philosophy and psychotherapy. It runs a range of astrology and Tarot courses and seminars, mainly London-based, as well as Greek summer schools. Its public lectures in London are on the first Wednesday every month..

Website: www.companyofastrologers.com

Email: admin@coa.org.uk


The Astrological Association of Great Britain

Gemini, born 21 June 1958, 7.22pm, London

Open to all those with a serious interest in astrology, it runs an annual conference, publishes a bi-monthly journal and has a network of local groups. For information about astrology in your area, contact the AA Local Groups Co-ordinator.

Website: www.astrologicalassociation.com

Email: office@astrologicalassociation.com


The Advisory Panel on Astrological Education (APAE)

Virgo, born 6 September 1980, 17.35 GMT, London

The APAE is an independent non-profit body constituted by the major astrological organisations and teaching bodies in the UK. It is a unique forum where the diverse elements of UK astrology come together with the aim of monitoring and safeguarding standards in the teaching of astrology in the UK.You will find here details of astrology in higher education, and of charitable bodies, supporting astrology.

Website: www.apae.org.uk




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