Sun Sign School

Discounts available for SUN SIGN SCHOOL astrologers

The SUN SIGN SCHOOL is a bold new initiative hosted by Jessica Adams, creating a network of well-known astrologers who are happy to share their collective expertise in the popular media sphere. Look out for my podcasts on the SSS site!

Astrologers with a code from the Sunsign School can receive a £5 discount on personal readings or have supervision on their sunsign work at a discount price. Supervision is normally bookable in groups of three one hour sessions, weekly, fortnightly or monthly, at a rate of £180. With Sunsign School discount, £165.

Discounts also apply on books, and on courses I run in Herne Bay and north Kent. For full details of courses and seminars I am running, click here.

A £5 discount is available on Jung and Astrology, normally £24.99, price for Sunsign School £19.99, plus p&p £2.50 (UK).
Your Starsign and You (for girls aged 8-10yrs): £3.99 free p&p for Sunsign School students.There are also discounts on Company of Astrologers seminars and courses being run at Herne Bay, Kent.